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Winter seed sowing and recording

Here’s how I sow and record perennials sowed mid-winter for stratifying. They will be left outside until they germinate in April-June, some not until 2020!

Stratifying cold frame

I was asked how I stratify so many different varieties of seed every year, still around 200-300, although until recently it was over 400. I then had two of the cold frames shown in the video. It’s just a wooden frame with Enviromesh draped over to stop mainly birch seeds from entering but allowing water to pass through. You will also see the various mostly recycled sow pots that I use, including milk cartons on their side with holes punched in the bottom for drainage (stapled at the ends). I sow up to 10 different species in each milk carton tray, not sowing plants from the same family close to each other in case the seed wanders! Hope this helps :)

Winter sowing

I’ve sowed 104 new perennial edibles , mostly Alliums… They will spend the rest of the winter outside under my cold frame  and hopefully germinate in the spring!  More information with the pictures on how I do this!


Seed trays made of recycled milk cartons, one side cut away, holes punched in the bottom for drainage, and the ends stapled together…labels made from sour cream / yogurt pots…I’m careful not to put the same plant family together in the sow trays as the seed sometimes wander a bit.
The cold frame which is covered with enviromesh which allows moisture through but keeps birch seed and rodents out…heavy deep snow needs to be removed.