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Black raspberries /Svartbringebær

My favourite September berry here is Rubus occidentalis (black raspberry or blackcaps / svartbringebær)…this plant was seed propagated from North American cultivar “Black Hawk”, perfectly complementing red raspberry (bringebær)…gives a tremendous yield in a very shady, dry place in the garden!

Participants of this week’s PDC course here in Malvik eagerly devouring the berries, and encouraged to take seeds home and sow!



Wanted!! I’m pretty sure I’ve lost these really tasty raspberries which I called “Apricot” and spread to various folk back in the days of Sjølbergeren (a self-sufficiency magazine here in Norway).
I originally got these through a visit to the Kvithamar research station in Stjørdal which is quite near here…they were breeding yellow raspberries (one of them that has become popular was eventually called Varnes). We were allowed a taste, a seed trapped in my teeth and when I got home I sowed it ;) The resultant fruit was much more tasty than Varnes (bred for a number of other characters too, not just taste) and I wanted others to experience it…but now I don’t have it any more, so please if you still have it, please can I have a bit back?
Apricotberries with black raspberries (Rubus occidentalis)
Sitting under my birch tree one day in 2009 and the tree was offering me free nutty tasting birch seed on my apricotberry porridge!