Fairchild’s Experiments with Udo from 1914!

Yesterday, I introduced Agricultural Explorer David Fairchild who, inspired from visiting Japan, was determined to try to introduce udo (Aralia cordata) and wrote an interesting paper 120 years ago giving more details about this novel perennial vegetable: 
Udo introduction to the US with cultivation instructions (1903)
11 years later in 1914, he wrote a really interesting report summing up his experiences with udo.  It blows my mind to read how much work was done on this plant over 100 years ago, but sad to see that it was never adopted in a big way! You can read the whole report and I recommend you do, but I’ve picked out some titbits from the report that I found particularly interesting followed by a few other interesting excerpts from various inventories of introduced plants to the US!

Download (PDF, 5.69MB)

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  1. LOL Accident of birth. You have an impressive body of work of your own, and I expect you’d have liked each other very much, and you would appreciate the difficulties he had in getting people to eat things like mangos and avocados! I was looking around for a way to subscribe to your site (not just this thread) and did not find it…can you tell me how? I would like to spend more time here but am swamped at the moment with 3,000 backlogged plant ids to upload to inaturalist. Thank you.

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