Goldfinches / Stillits

A small flock of 9 goldfinches in my garden this morning, a winter visitor here (it’s unknown where they breed) and a species that would not be in my garden if it hadn’t been for my interest in edible plants. I started growing burdock / borre as a vegetable back in the 80s and this is the most important food for them in our area. The area between my house and Midtsandan, a few km east of here, is now the most important area this far north for this species with flocks of between 25 and 50 seen most winters!P1500824 P1500825
P1500823P1500827 P1500829

2 thoughts on “Goldfinches / Stillits”

  1. Nice photos for a grey day (where I am). I like goldfinches as they tend to be quite relaxed at the feeders. The collective noun is a charm of goldfinches, which seems apt.

    1. Yes, one of my favourite birds, brightening our dark northern winters along with waxwings. On the bird front, our winters are more colourful than summer :) I was in New Zealand in March, a VERY charming place ;)

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