Visitors from Ohio

One year ago, it was a pleasure to spend some time touring Joe Hollis’ Mountain Gardens with these three guys who’d come all the way from NE Ohio and Columbus Ohio (an 8-9 hour drive).
John Wright from NE Ohio
Isaac John Koblentz from NE Ohio via Scandinavia :)
Jared Morris (Columbus, Ohio) (he gave me some delicious pawpaws, Asimina triloba)

One thought on “Visitors from Ohio”

  1. Isaac here, I am enjoying the fall in NE Ohio. Reading your book has inspired me to collect edible Allium sp. and eventually breeding experiments. I have been ordering plants for months and this is the time of year many of the companies ship Alliums. Most of the Alliums will be planted at Red Beet Row, the learning farm I work with, run by John Wright and Stephanie Blessing.

    We had such a nice time touring Joe’s Garden with you last fall.

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