Cobham and Chobham

My second talk in the UK was in Cobham in Surrey for Plant Heritage, an organisation that administers 620 national plant collections ( including Jackie Currie’s national Allium collection. She is the reason I was asked to give this talk as I visited her a year ago! For the fourth time I gave a talk in a church (St. Andrew’s) as there was a double booking in the church hall (I talked in the church at Todmorden a few years ago and twice in churches in Ottawa!). A well attended evening with a knowledgeable group and several said they would be trying Hosta this spring :)
Thanks to board member Wendy Bentall who picked me up at Wisley and put me up for the night in, naturally, the Priest House flat in her garden which is in another village, Chobham, only 20 minutes away from Cobham!

2 thoughts on “Cobham and Chobham”

  1. I was gutted to miss this as I wasn’t feeling great on the day. I very much look forward to attending one of your talks in the near future. I’ve said it before but what you do with edible plants is truly inspirational. Keep up the great work

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