Garlic topset shoots

Every winter for the last 10 years I’ve been sprouting the bulbils of the Scandinavian heirloom garlic Aleksandra. I sow them in soil and cut down about 3 times over a couple of months giving me garlic sprouts most days for my lunch.

Today’s garlic sprout photo shoot in the snowy garden :)
A picture from 2005 showing the diversity of hard neck garlic topsets. Aleksandra (2nd from left at the top) has medium size bulbils and each plant produces maybe 30-40.


2 thoughts on “Garlic topset shoots”

  1. After you have cut the garlic sprouts a few times indoors, are they still viable to be planted outside to grow on to proper plants? I am copying your model here, but just wanted to check before I start trimming the sprouts.

    1. After cutting 3 times they are difficult to resurrect… I’ve usually had plentiful bulbils and haven’t used the same ones for production of bulbs…

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