2 thoughts on “Lunchtime office cress”

  1. I used to grow sweet peppers in one office I worked in – it had much better lighting than my house! I gave them a self-watering tray to sit on, and they were really happy. I encouraged some of my colleagues to grow chillies, and they grew well too. There was the occasional incident of intra-office pilfering, though :(

    And, if I remember correctly, there was once a basil plant or two, which were popular at lunch time. Office edibles are the best!

    1. Yes, I’ve also grown chilis in my office for many years, but this year aphids found their way to my office for the first time….the cress pot had a chili in it first :)
      I’ve also grown basil in my office for almost 40 years! I started when I was a student in Norwich and this continued when I was a student in Edinburgh and since 1981 in Norway :) Love office basil!

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