Book review in the North Devon Journal

“Stephen Barstow is to edible plants what Robson Green is to fishing!”

Well, I hadn’t heard of Robson Green before and I’m sure Green hasn’t heard of me before either….but this is a nice review (they’ve all been nice so far!!)  on my “APPETISING 80” !! Thanks Graham Andrews!!

….and my gaze went to the pictures on the right hand side of the page where 4 of the 6 are of edimentals…Urospermum is actually mentioned on p. 58 of the book (a wild foraged leafy green in the Mediterranean which I grow, but quite bitter to our modern palate), Papaver (seeds), Meconopsis (oil from seeds) and Anthriscus Golden Fleece has been on my wish list for some time…

Gardening page jan 15th 2015

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