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The best tasting vegetable of the rhizosphere I’ve had the pleasure of eating is Cacomitl, one of the lost crops of the Aztecs, also known as Tigridia (pavonia) and commonly available on those racks of ornamental bulbs. It is also one of the best edimentals, witness the pictures from my garden today (14th July!) below.
I’ll keep this short as I couldn’t possibly do better than the series of witty and informative posts on this plant by my friend (I’ve even shaken his hand now!) Owen Smith on his fabulous Radix: Root Crop Research and Ruminations blog.  You know you need to read these titles:


Bulbous Belly Border Blooms – Beautiful

The Bulbous Belly Border 1) Cacomitl – The Flecked and Feline Flower

January Time is Tigridia Time


The bulbs (in the centre below the ocas and left of the parsnip) are in this picture of my 2013 Xmas Tubasmagoria with 25 different edible tubers of 15 species!  They were: Oxalis tuberosa (Oca); Pastinaca sativa (Parsnip/Pastinakk), Solanum tuberosum (Potato/Potet); Tropaeolum tuberosum (Mashua), Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem Artichoke/Jordskokk), Polymnia edulis (Yacon), Ullucus tuberosus (Ulluco), Petroselinum crispus (Hamburg Parsley/Persillerot), Brachychiton populneus (Kurrajong), Tigridia pavonia (Cacomitl), Dahlia cultivar (Dahlia/Georginer), Lilium martagon (Martagon Lily/Martagonlilje), Anredera cordifolia (Madeira Vine), Canna edulis (Achira) and Colocasia esculenta (Taro)