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I’m working on this year’s seed trade list and seed to be offered to Norwegian Seed Savers through our yearbook that will be published in February. I normally throw out seed that is more than 3 years old with a few exceptions, the collection year is marked on the packets. My seed are sorted into different categories and stored in my cold cellar in recycled milk carton boxes and similar for ease of finding:

My seed categories are:

  1. Seed for Norwegian Seed Savers (arranged alphabetically according to botanical name)
  2. Traditional vegetable seed – different boxes for Brassica, Root crops, Beans and peas and other veggies (includes e.g., chicories, annual onions, chili, quinoa, squash, tomato etc.) (arranged according to common names)
  3. Potatoes (seed potatoes stored in my cold cellar in recycled egg cartons)
  4. Seed of miscellaneous annual edibles
  5. Seed of perennials for trading (own saved seed, seed from trades that I had too much of), arranged alphabetically according to the botanical name
  6. Seed for stratifying (to be sown as soon as possible)
  7. Bulbils / topset onions for seed savers and trading kept individually in sour cream / yoghurt pots
  8. Diverse tubers (individually in sour cream / yoghurt pots)
  9. Seed / bulbils for sprouting indoors during the winter (for food)

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