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Regulus regulus in the garden

Nice to know that I can still hear the very high pitched call of the goldcrest (fuglekonge) aka Regulus regulus. That’s what alerted me to their presence in my largest Norway spruce (gran) trees in the garden this morning. Astonishing that Norway’s smallest bird manages to survive this cold (only one day above zero C since New Year) and largely on natural food, only rarely coming to bird feeders. A couple of bad pictures grabbed from a very shaky film I made of a female (yellow crest):

Goldcrest at Storlien

The goldcrest (fuglekonge) delivered by the cat today reminded me of another winter goldcrest! My schoolfriend Geoff Gale was visiting in late winter and we were in the mountains at Storlien just over the border in Sweden at the tree line. We’d just started (cross-country) skiing and suddenly we saw a goldcrest climbing a birch tree looking for food. It subsequently flew onto Geoff’s back (thinking no doubt he was dead wood ;) ). I grabbed the camera and just as I was going to take a memorable picture….it flew over to me and proceeded to examine me for insects…… ;) (Geoff will probably remind me that the order of events was a bit different…)
Nevertheless, I really hadn’t expected to see Norway’s smallest bird in this kind of habitat at this time of year!