Earthnut Pea / Lathyrus tuberosus

This is a new variety of Earthnut pea (Lathyrus tuberosus) which germinated from Danish seed I was given by NO Crossland of Danish Seed Savers (frøsamlerne). I seem to remember he had found it in an old garden. They germinated in spring 2014 but have been in a small pot ever since waiting for a place in the garden, which they got today. The tubers were already a good size!


3 thoughts on “Earthnut Pea / Lathyrus tuberosus”

    1. Probably better to call it a landrace. The guy that gave it to me (in Danish Seed Savers) told me it was different than others he had grown.
      Sadly, it didn’t survive in my garden, so I haven’t been able to compare it myself. Note that if it had been undisturbed in an old garden for many years the tubers were probably larger just because they had been growing for a long time!

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