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Skirret harvest 2017

A good skirret (sukkerrot) harvest again…I don’t grow much as this perennial root and shoot vegetable is not totally hardy here. I have a few plants along the southern house wall which are covered in winter to protect against hard frost.
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Skirret-chufa stir-fry
The tallest skirret challenge
(Nobody has challenged my world record 2.3m skirret)
Skirret shoots

Skirret-chufa stir-fry

Tonight’s dinner, skirret-chufa stir-fry.

Skirret shoots

I moved a skirret/sukkerrot (meaning sugar root) root into the cellar, planning to eat them….they went missing until I noticed the characteristic edible blanched shoots this morning! The roots had been like this exposed to the air all winter (I’ve previously lost roots when overwintered in a bucket in soil (they don’t like it damp it seems). See my book Around the World in 80 plants for more… :)
And it’s a beautiful day, but a night frost…