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100% self-sufficient in sugar at 63.5N!

I gave up sugar poison completely over 10 years ago, apart from the once a year suck on my living room sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) :) This is a hardy cultivar from Raglan in New Zealand although I grow it indoors all year!
Here’s how to eat it (apparently it gives you strong teeth): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfE62Y-11NI

On the sunny side of my living room forest garden
Hazel demonstrates..


Permaveggies course 2016 Day 2

Despite the very wet and cold start to the day, it was a fun day in my garden, kitchen and foraging along the shoreline with a great bunch of permaveggie lovers! Thanks to all for helping out and particularly my helper Lorna for all her help this week bringing the garden and house up to shape!!

Dante Hellström​ and the salad!!
8 wonderful ladies in my kitchen :) It’s obvious why I organise these courses :)
Salad ingredient list
Another wonderful group of course participants plus special guests Christian Odberger​ and Dante Hellström​ from Sweden
Sampling beach edibles Aster tripolium, Triglochin maritima and Plantago maritima which all grow together here!
Christian Odberger was the first to try my home produced sugar cane :)
Christian Odberger was the first to try my home produced sugar cane :)

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