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More birds in the garden; 5th January 2018

1.  Blackbird (svarttrost) and great spotted woodpecker (flaggspett)

2. Bullfinches (male and female; dompap) on plum buds (not too happy with this), there were 8 birds altogether….hopefully they won’t do too much damage… :(

3. Fieldfare (gråtrost) on apple

Prune plum harvest

Amazing how many plums you can get from one tree and this is only about 2/3 of the crop! Due to the lack of night here in May when they are flowering there is never a crop failure due to late frosts…so I can get this every year! The variety is called “Sviskeplomme” (literally prune plum…although they don’t look much like prunes when dried. All these are to be dried…so a bit of work de-stoning ahead of me!