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Illinois Everbearing Mulberries

After a 15 year wait, I was finally able to harvest a few mulberries last year, see https://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=23040 
In the winter I was sent 4 cuttings of the variety Illinois Everbearing which everyone raves about! I’m not much of a grafter and in fact I can now report my first success as all 4 are alive! I’d actually given up when I noticed green buds on 3 of them a few weeks ago and then last week I saw the 4th that I had missed that even had berries!
I’m wondering, what chance the ones in bud have in making it through the winter and I should maybe remove the fruit and flowers now appearing on another?

At last….mulberries

It’s been a long wait, but I can finally taste a few mulberries….both my bushes which are about the same age started producing after about 15 years, although neither tree had been looked after and had been more or less left to themselves. Both are in shady parts of the garden. I hadn’t really believed that they would produce berries, hence the neglect! I think they are both white mulberry / hvitmorbær (Morus alba), but one has red berries. I did have a purple-berried white mulberry at one stage so it could be this!