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Jackdaws fly towards the red sky

Jackdaws (kaie) fly every morning to breakfast which is served in the fields to the east of here…standing on my bedroom balcony, there’s suddenly a pressure wave as a small group of birds fly at breakneck speed right over the roof above my head…must try to film it one day…but this morning they and I also had a glorious view too…dreaming of coming back as a jackdaw…they have so much fun it seems!P1680334



Edible Lupins

Here are just a few pictures of lupins I’ve grown in my garden (click the pictures for more information)! Lupins have been grown for food since ancient times in the Mediterranean countries (>3000 years) and in the Andes (>6000 years)….. There’s been an upsurge in interest and cultivation of lupins for food in recent years as they can be made into the gluten-free lupini flour, but some people with peanut allergy (peanut is also a legume) are also allergic to these…look carefully at the ingredient list as lupini flour is even used in Norway!
I’ve never tried Lupinus angustifolius which I’ve heard is cultivated for food in Germany (recently developed low alkaloid varieties)!
However, it’s the development of low alkaloid varieties of  perennial Lupinus nootkatensis that I most look forward to trying as there are few perennial bean crops!!