Soup greens

Tonights perennial greens. I sometimes eat wild fish, so these greens were added to a fish soup, spiced with ground Hogweed seeds!
From left to right: Scorzonera greens, Allium  x proliferum “Amish Topset Onion”, Allium scorodoprasum, Heracleum spp. and Rumex patientia (patience dock)


Rita Amundsen on the radio with dandinoodles/løvenudler!

Engelsk: Yesterday morning my good friend, fellow forager and Norway’s fermentation queen Rita Amundsen​ had an appearance on Norwegian radio. She cooks dandinoodles with blue cheese from Hitra which are served up for the leader of the Norwegian Green Party, Rasmus Hansson. I wish we could have seen it as eating the same dandinoodle it almost ends in a kiss! The main part starts at about 1hr 28 mins in! The picture is from my talk in Oslo on Monday and I mentioned that Rita was on the radio in the morning!
Norsk: I går morges hadde min gode venn, sanker og Norges fermenterings-dronning, Rita Amundsen, en opptreden på norsk radio. Hun kokkelkerer det jeg kaller løvenudler med blåmuggost fra Hitra og det hele nesten ender opp i en kyss med Rasmus Hansson, leder av de Grønne! Jeg skulle ønske vi kunne ha sett bilder! Hovedinnslaget starter på ca 1t 28 min i! Dette bildet er fra mitt foredrag i Oslo mandag kveld!

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