The ATW selfie is going viral worldwide…. ;) Send me yours and it will be added…you will be showing support of a very good cause: the conservation and promotion of the amazing diversity of food plants Around the World!

One of my first interns, Daina Binde from Latvia, helped out in my garden in Malvik in 2014. She sent me this series of pictures this week of little Andris learning about perennial vegetables :) She is nowadays giving zoom lectures on permaculture and perennial vegetables!

I met Isaac Coblentz at Mountain Gardens (Joe Hollis’ place) – https://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=26460. Isaac wrote to me: “This is one of my favorite books. I keep it in my backpack and never tire of re-reading. Your book has also expanded my diet and improved my health. It is a real treasure. It was so nice to meet you and spend time with you and Joe Hollis at Mountain Gardens”. He lives and gardens in Ashtabula, Ohio.
Presenting Norwegian forager and teacher Fru Johnsen of https://www.frujohnsenssoppognyttevekster.com. Cathrine is known as TanteGrusom (Aunty Cruel) on FB. I had a memorable visit from her and partner Edvin last summer: https://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=23045.


Meet Lauren Lochrie, a permaculturist and Forest Gardener from Scotland of @Herbal_Homestead / GrowYourHomeWay; https://www.herbalhomestead.org


Thanks for this one, Søren Holt!! Here he is with his ATW selfie and his favourite edimental, Allium victorialis – read my book to understand why :)


Søren Holt with one of the great edimentals that didn’t make it into the book, Ligularia fischeri!


Thank you Bunkie Weir for this one…I’m assured the book was read rather than burned ;)

Thank you Maxime Dufresne!!

Thank you Kelli Ploeger Hinn!


Chris Fowler isn’t very experience with selfies and missed!


…and thank you Knut Poulsen..you may remember I visited his interesting gardens in Denmark this summer: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=6205


Joe Atkinson, Permaculture teacher during his October 2016 Design tools and principals in Permaculture course at Naturplanteskolen in Denmark (photo: Aiah Noack)


Honorata Gajda from the Norwegian Botanical Association!


Luan Van Le​ from GMO Free USA has been travelling around Europe and the US with Neil Young’s Global Ecovillage tour and was the coordinator of the News You Can Trust stand which I took part in at the Stavernfestivalen in July 2016!


At the “Fantasilater: Har du spist en blomst?” / “Fantasy salads: Have you eaten a flower” event at Grennnessminde, Denmark!


With Sachiko Ito after my talk in Tokyo :)

With Sachiko Ito after my talk in Tokyo :)

Lasse Hav is a gardener at Grennessminde organic nursery in Copenhagen, Denmark!


Another happy selfie! This is Joann who is a volunteer with my colleagues at Naturplanteskolen (NPS) in Denmark. Joann was visiting NPS on her birthday and here she is giving herself my book for her birthday! Happy birthday, Joann…


Aiah + bogen
Fantasy salad queen Aiah Noack shows it off in Copenhagen :) She is particularly happy as she (Naturplanteskolen) have sold 86 of these so far!!


I had a great chat to this Maori guy at the Rainbow Community in Golden Bay, NZ. He was so pleased that someone from the other side of the planet should be so interestedin his vegetable traditions that he should write about it :)


My friend Maria Silva and Sofia have a lot of bed time reading ahead!


Steen Noerhede Roskilde Dyrskue June15
Steen Nørhede showed my book on stage during a talk about Permaculture at the Roskilde Agricultural Show (Dyrskue) yesterday (8th June 2015) :)


Joan Bailey in Japan has sent me this beautiful shot taken at dusk in her community garden plot in Tokyo! Joan was the first to review the book in Permaculture Magazine and a lovely review it was too…I remember being relieved that somebody liked it :)


My friend Gunn Apeland!!


Wouter of Foodforest Ketelbroek with Ramsons!


Elin Kiraly and a suspicious Bolla


First up, my friend Telsing Andrews / Ottawa Gardener /Aster Lane Edibles, the future of edimental garden (see on the Links page)


Not a selfie? My toes are very nimble!


Another ATWtoeselfie, but who could it be?


Mr. Decomestibles Ronny Staquet, amazing how happy a man can be – would recommend his web site Wallogreen – see the links page


Tim Harland , the very first toe ATWselfie…. :)


…a very cool lady, seems something in the book has shocked her :)


Tony Bülow and the first #mirrorATWselfie


…and the perennial kale was feeling left out, so decided to join in the FUN :)


Patricia Wallinger in Canada is pleased to join the ATW owner’s association….


…and my friend, leading New York forager Leda Meredith sent me this lovely one from Jerusalem!


Foodforest Ketelbroek are a bit shy and have only revealed a hand in this ATWselfie


…and in this one, Foodforest Ketelbroek have only revealed a foot! Come on guys, we want to see more!

ATW SelfieAiah

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