Beschorneria yuccoides

One of the world’s most spectacular edimentals was in flower at Mount Stewart in Northern Ireland where I was doing an edimentals walk and talk at the weekend! Related to other great edimentals like Agave and Yucca, the Mexican Lily or Patleamole is sadly not likely to be hardy in my part of the world (Yucca filamentosa is hardy though!).  Beschorneria is a small genus consisting of seven species that range from the southern US,  Mexico and Central America.  Mexican lily’s habitat is rocky massifs and cliffs in canyons and ravines from 2600 to 3,400 masl in pine-oak and fir (Abies religiosa) forest (Ref. 1).  In the same reference, it is noted that “….the flowers are edible, after being boiled and fried.”
Please let me know if you have  go :)

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Reference 1:

Cházaro-Basáñez, M.J. and Ramirez, J.V. 2015 Introducing the Succulent Flora of Mexico: Beschorneria yuccoides (Agavaceae). Cactus and Succulent Journal 87(6): 271-272

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  1. Beschornia yuccoids flowering in my garden in Hampshire is 8ft in length from Base of plant is this unusually long and is it commonly grown in UK would be grateful for answer to these questions if possible. Regards,Oz

    1. Lucky you! I’m afraid I’m not that familiar with this plant, only having seen it a couple of times when visiting the UK. However, there are currently 9 nurseries in the UK selling it, so not that unusual I guess. I saw it at Wisley gardens also.

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