Grand potting on of perennials seedlings

I germinate seed of perennials naturally in a cold frame in the garden. They then germinate when they are ready. Due to much travelling in May, I hadn’t got round to potting on any of the seedlings that had germinated outside… Luckily it has been very cool all of April and May, so that most of the seedlings were still in good condition. However, there were more seedlings than I had bargained on and I finally finished at 10:45 last night after 10 hours potting on some 160 species in the garden!

The cold germination frame in a normal winter – the top is covered with Enviromesh so that precipitation can pass through and it doesn’t get too hot.


A view in the cold frame before germination starts


160 new pots was the result of yesterday’s work. But, where will they all go when big enough?


Osmorhiza – seed from the woods of Woodstock, Vermont last autumn!


Canadian wood nettle (Laportea canadensis) seedlings from New York


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