Skirret-chufa stir-fry

Tonight’s dinner, skirret-chufa stir-fry.

Celebrating chili diversity at Chelsea

Mainly for my friend the Extreme Chili Guy, Chris Fowler, who reportedly maintains a collection of over 1,000 chilis in South Wales, here’s an album of pictures from a little exhibition showing off the diversity of chilis at Chelsea Physic Garden this autumn!

Winter sowing

I’ve sowed 104 new perennial edibles , mostly Alliums… They will spend the rest of the winter outside under my cold frame  and hopefully germinate in the spring!  More information with the pictures on how I do this!


Seed trays made of recycled milk cartons, one side cut away, holes punched in the bottom for drainage, and the ends stapled together…labels made from sour cream / yogurt pots…I’m careful not to put the same plant family together in the sow trays as the seed sometimes wander a bit.
The cold frame which is covered with enviromesh which allows moisture through but keeps birch seed and rodents out…heavy deep snow needs to be removed.