End of July fungi foray

A collection of pictures from 3 hours in the woods….about 30 minutes to cycle up to the start of the trail and 15 minutes down again..

Strawberries and cream

I was out in the woods looking for fungi yesterday….the last thing I’d expected to find in the dark coniferous woods was strawberries and cream ;) No, I didn’t eat them, leaving them for the elves…

Called strawberries and cream, the bleeding tooth fungus, the red-juice tooth, or  Devil’s tooth,  Hydnellum peckii (Norwegian: skarp rustbrunpigg) is a widespread species in North America, Europe and Asia.  It is related to the hedgehog fungus. Sadly, it doesn’t taste much like strawberries and cream, tasting very sharp…

See more about it here: http://botanycourse.com/hydnellum-peckii/



Last night’s dinner: risotto made with rye and barley grain instead of rice with wild and cultivated vegetables and wild fungi:
Parsley, coriander, golpar (Heracleum maximum seed spice), 3 types of pea, baby carrots and broad beans, red mitsuba, 3 types of chicory, common sow thistle (Sonchus), saffron milk caps (matriske), hedgehog fungus (piggsopp), chanterelle (kantarell), Russula spp. , garlic, chili, nettle (variegated), swiss chard (mangold) and Allium nutans…
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