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Hedgehogs in the garden

2013 was sadly the last time I saw a hedgehog here (see the last picture here)…and there are only 3 reported observations since 2013 in the whole of Malvik Kommune, all found dead (killed in traffic), the last in 2017. There’s still a small population in Trondheim, so there’s a chance they will return. The population collapsed in the 2000s and it’s thought they were impacted by a virus, but many are also killed on roads and lack of habitat (too tidy gardens). As it’s never properly dark here in summer we have been able to photograph them at night and about 3 times have followed courtship and mating! Below are a number of pictures of hedgehogs in the garden over the years.
The first shows mating in the garden in the 1990s (from a slide):

Courtship display on 13th May 2006:

July 2006 by the outhouse door camouflaged sitting on a fibre mat!

5th May 2007

After emerging from hibernation, 15th April 2011:

Road casualty (2nd July 2011):

Magpie (skjære) with dead young hedgehog on the neighbour’s deck.

Hedgehog and ground elder (25th July 2012)

This hedgehog seemed to be hunting a worm or similar and was totally oblivious to my presence allowing this series of pictures to be taken on 1st May 2013:

The last sighting in July 2013

Otter swim past

Sat at my desk this morning, I noticed some unusual ripples in the bay. My immediate thought was porpoises (nise) but they were in shallower water than I’ve ever seen porpoises and they moved up and down quicker too. It was only after studying the video that I realised they were otters, probably 4 of them, a family group! N

Slowed down:



Birds and mammals of BC

A highlight of my visit to British Columbia (apart from the plants) was to experience springtime birds in a different part of the world, and most species I hadn’t seen before. There are two albums below plus some videos showing a selection of pictures taken with my handheld Panasonic DNC-TZ80 which has an amazing zoom…
Many of the pictures in the first album from Victoria  are taken from my fantastic Airbnb room which overlooked the harbour!
See further down for an album from Vancouver (mainly in the fabulous Stanley Park).
At the bottom are several videos for your entertainment including Pileated woodpecker, Rufous-sided towhee, two squirrel species, bald eagles, American wigeon, Great blue heron, Northwestern crow, American robin, White-crowned sparrow, Red-winged blackbird, Northern flicker  and American goldfinch

Having a day and a half free in Vancouver before travelling to Quebec, I was keen to visit Stanley Park again! I first visited this remnant old growth forest right next to downtown Vancouver back in the late 80s and was so impressed that they had deliberately left dead trees standing and trees where they had fallen…this is what makes this place so special and rich in wildlife as these pictures taken in a 3 hour walk in the park show. I’ve also included some pictures taken in the UBC Botanical Garden (amazing to look up and see a pair of bald eagles sitting atop a tree in the middle of the garden) and also the Van Dusen botanical garden, both of which I visited on one day!

..and now some videos.
First, a drumming Northern flicker:

A downy/hairy woodpecker at Beacon Hill, Victoria

Pileated woodpecker in Stanley Park:

American wigeon, Vancouver:

Rufous-sided towhee in the UBC garden:

Hermit thrush? in Stanley Park:

Melanistic form of the Eastern Gray squirrel (introduced):

American wigeon at Beacon Hill, Victoria:

Hunting Great Blue Heron in Stanley Park:

Northwestern crow gathering nesting material:

American robin:

White-crowned sparrow on cattail seed (Typha):

The catttail beds and vegetation around were teeming with birds:

American goldfinch singing: