Caraway root breeding and Karvekaalsuppe

I’ve been selecting caraway (Carum carvi) through 4 generations now for larger roots. I plan to have a larger number of plants from next year at our community garden (Væres Venner). I selected 5 plants for seed yesterday and they were quite a decent size. The remainder with the greens were used in a delicious … Continue reading Caraway root breeding and Karvekaalsuppe

Caraway root breeding Along with Angelica archangelica, Caraway (Carum carvi) are both biennials, although they sometimes take 3 years or more to flower, after which they die. Both are included in my book on perennial vegetables. Why? Because I’m the author and I get to decide!!  Also, having introduced them both to my garden, they appear to … Continue reading Caraway root breeding

Xmas day Rhizofantastigora dinner 2021

Xmas dinner in Malvik has been nut roast and roasted roots every year since 1984! This year there were 27 different roots: parsnip, 15 different varieties of potato, bulb onions, Tigridia (cacomitl), wapato (Sagittaria), carrot, beetroot, oca (red and yellow), Madeira vine (Anredera cordifolia), yacon (Polymnia), garlic (Allium sativum), Dioscorea polystachya (Chinese yam) and chicory … Continue reading Xmas day Rhizofantastigora dinner 2021

Wagtail at the North Pole

North Pole? Yesterday I worked for the first time this year at the Væres Venner Community Garden where KVANN (Norwegian Seed Savers) and I are involved. When I arrived there was a pair of white wagtails (linerle) at the North Pole of the World Garden (I’ve planted mainly perennial vegetables geographically on a 12m diameter … Continue reading Wagtail at the North Pole

A 65 Veggie Pakora at 65

To celebrate my 65th we made indian pakora with 65 (or so) different perennial vegetables. Going for a new title, this time EPM (Extreme Pakora Man)! Any better? The whole list is under the pictures!Just wish I’d had broad / fava bean (bondebønner) flour available for the pakoras rather than gram flour (chick peas)…next time … Continue reading A 65 Veggie Pakora at 65

Quinoa greens

Tonight’s 22 greens from the garden with yacon used in a quinoa stir-fry (with garlic and chili in addition):Brassica oleracea (perennial kale / flerårig kål)Hydrophyllum virginianum (waterleaf, indian salad)Tragopogon pratensis (Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon / geitskjegg)Angelica spp. (kvann)Allium carinatumAllium ursinum (ramsons / ramsløk) Primula elatior (oxlip / hagenøkleblom)Hablitzia tamnoides (Caucasian spinach / stjernemelde)Carum carvi (caraway / karve)Myrrhis odorata (sweet … Continue reading Quinoa greens

More perennial vegetables for dinner!

A new collection of perennial vegetables from the garden on 25th April 2020, now back to cool, overcast weather. All are managed in some way. Carum carvi (caraway / karve) greensUrtica dioica (nettle / nesle)Aegopodium podograria (ground elder / skvallerkål)Allium fistulosum (Welsh onion /pipeløk)Hablitzia tamnoides (Caucasian spinach / stjernemelde)Campanula latifolia (giant bellflower / storklokke)Myrrhis odorata … Continue reading More perennial vegetables for dinner!

27th March Veggies from the garden

Tonight we made a quiche (eggepai) with these vegetables:Allium nutans (Siberian nodding onion)Allium cernuum (nodding onion / prærieløk)Dystaenia takesimana (Giant Ulleung Celery)Brassica oleracea (Perennial kale / flerårige kål)Allium paradoxumAllium oleraceumAlliaria petiolata (hedge garlic / løkurt)Angelica archangelica (Voss Angelica / Vossakvann)Myrrhis odorata (Sweet cicely / spansk kjørvel)Tragopogon pratensis shoots ( Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon / geitskjegg)Carum carvi (caraway / … Continue reading 27th March Veggies from the garden