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Visiting Camilla Plum

On 2nd May 2016 I finally got to visit Camilla Plum and Fuglebjerggaard. Camilla is one of Scandinavia’s best known authors and broadcasters on edible gardening and cooking. It was such a beautiful day that the formal talk was abandoned in favour of an edible tour of the organic nursery and farm lead by myself and Camilla. A great crowd of knowledgeable folk, some of whom had travelled quite a long way including one couple from Norway! Thanks for inviting me Camilla!! A great place and many must-have plants :)

Camilla in front of a large bed of emerging Ostrich Ferns which were obviously thriving in this open location as shoots were popping up in the grass around the bed!


Wool mulch
Perennial kales
One of the 80 in my book is Allium obliquum, twistedleaf garlic from Siberia! I’d never seen it growing on this scale before.
This form of Allium obliquum had beautiful purple stems and was also on sale on the nursery.
Edible perennials
What was happening here? Camilla had asked staff to go down into this swampy pit to collect rhizomes and young shoots of a plant known in North America as the Supermarket of the swamps… 
Harvesting salad ingredients :)
Large selection of chilis!
Large selection of chilis!
Yellow flowered Allium moly is a great edible onion for partiual shade in the forest garden! Not often you see this one on sale, although supermarket chain Lidl were selling bulbs this autumn!
Hop clones after Danish breeder Øyvind Winge, now made available in the nursery. I remember seeing these in the hop collection at Årslev…
Perennial kales
…and Lathyrus tuberosus
Tulbaghia or Society Garlic from South Africa
Wonderful lunch with ostrich fern, fried dandelion flower buds with salt and a lovely salad with tulip petals!
Mushroom plant, Rungia klossii from Papua New Guinea is a novel salad plant


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Permaveggies course 2016 Day 2

Despite the very wet and cold start to the day, it was a fun day in my garden, kitchen and foraging along the shoreline with a great bunch of permaveggie lovers! Thanks to all for helping out and particularly my helper Lorna for all her help this week bringing the garden and house up to shape!!

Dante Hellström​ and the salad!!
8 wonderful ladies in my kitchen :) It’s obvious why I organise these courses :)
Salad ingredient list
Another wonderful group of course participants plus special guests Christian Odberger​ and Dante Hellström​ from Sweden
Sampling beach edibles Aster tripolium, Triglochin maritima and Plantago maritima which all grow together here!
Christian Odberger was the first to try my home produced sugar cane :)
Christian Odberger was the first to try my home produced sugar cane :)

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61 at 61

This evening’s salad (6th May 2016) with 61 ingredients, made with my first helper of the season…and I seriously need help this year!! Here’s the recipe…have a go yourself  (it doesn’t have to be exactly these ones ;) )

Take a few tops of garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata), leaves of cow parsley (Anthriscus sylvestris), a shoot of lovage (Levisticum officinale), a rhubarb leaf petiole, leaves and flowers of wood sorrel (oxalis acetosella), ground elder (Aegopodium) leaves, flowers of Primula elatior (oxslip), Jerusalem artichoke sprouts, Hop shoots, lots of Hablitzia shoots, leaves and bulbils of Allium paradoxum, flowers of Primula denticulata, flowers of Primula “Red Strain”, Allium fistulosum (welsh onion) leaves, Trillium grandiflorum leaves, leaves of Megacarpaea delavayi, leaves of Allium victorialis (Granvin strain), leaves of Rumex alpinum, flower buds of perennial honesty (Lunaria rediviva), two flower broccolis of Barbarea vulgaris, Atriplex rubra (garden orach) seedlings, leaves of white clover  Trifolium repens “Dragon’s Blood”, Black Isle Blush chives, shoots of jack-go-to-bed-by-noon (Tragopogon pratensis), Allium x cornutum leaves, leaves of Allium scorodoprasum, Allium hymennorhizum leaves, Ligularia fischeri leaves (Korean Ligularia), leaves and flower shoots of Allium zebdanense, flower  shoots of Chinese Allium humile, Allium cernuum (Chicago onion) leaves, Allium douglasii leaves and flower shoot, Honewort leaves (Cryptotaenia canadensis), Angelica gigas (Korean angelica) leaves, Mentha spp. shoots, Aster scaber (Korean aster) shoots, Viola Canadensis (Canada violet) leaves, Cardamine bulbifera leaf,  Cardamine raphanifolia leaves, leaves of Sorrel “Russian Giant” and Sorrel “Profusion” , Perennial Kale (cross) leaves *2 , Taraxacum “Vert de Montmagny”, Rumex patientia (patience dock) leaves, young garlics (from bulbils), carawat (Carum carvi) leaves, seakale leaves (Crambe maritima), Japanese chive leaves (Allium scoenoprasum var yezomonticola), day lily shoots (Hemerocallis dumortieri), Arabis caucasica “Pink” (leaves and flowers), Alchemilla (lady’s mantle) leaves, Catawissa onion (Allium x proliferum) leaves, Allium obliquum leaves, Scorzonera hispanica shoots, Myrrhis odorata (sweet cicely) leaves, Primula vulgaris flowers, German tarragon shoots (Artemisia dracunculus sativa) and Norrland onion (Allium nutans x angulosum)

I cut all the leaves with scissors, wash, add a simple salad dressing of olive oil and wine vinegar and a little salt, mix and decorate with the flowers and other interesting leaves and plants…EAT and enjoy the diverse tastes of spring, each mouthful is different!



World record ferment in Malvik

How many ingredients will we manage to cram into this fermentation jar today?
My world record salad from 2003 (page iv of my book)

This morning it’s raining (again) and cold, not a very pleasant day. Whilst conventional gardeners are complaining that it’s too cold to plant out less tender summer veggies in this record cold spring, this is the best season ever for us perennial veggie gardeners! Hardy perennials love these conditions growing prolifically although taking longer to reach flowering stage, extending the harvesting season!
Today, Norway’s fermentation queen Rita Amundsen will prepare a world record ferment with the highest number of ingredients ever, with a little help from my garden!  This is part of a one day food preservation course here organised by the local group of the  Norwegian Useful Plants Society (Trondheim Nyttevekstforeningen).
Guess how many ingredients will be used by 1600 Norwegian time today (or whenever it’s announced here) and win a signed copy of my book Around the World in 80 plants.
On page iv of my book you will find a picture of my world record salad from 2003!

Rita Amundsen on the radio with dandinoodles/løvenudler!

Engelsk: Yesterday morning my good friend, fellow forager and Norway’s fermentation queen Rita Amundsen​ had an appearance on Norwegian radio. She cooks dandinoodles with blue cheese from Hitra which are served up for the leader of the Norwegian Green Party, Rasmus Hansson. I wish we could have seen it as eating the same dandinoodle it almost ends in a kiss! The main part starts at about 1hr 28 mins in! The picture is from my talk in Oslo on Monday and I mentioned that Rita was on the radio in the morning!
Norsk: I går morges hadde min gode venn, sanker og Norges fermenterings-dronning, Rita Amundsen, en opptreden på norsk radio. Hun kokkelkerer det jeg kaller løvenudler med blåmuggost fra Hitra og det hele nesten ender opp i en kyss med Rasmus Hansson, leder av de Grønne! Jeg skulle ønske vi kunne ha sett bilder! Hovedinnslaget starter på ca 1t 28 min i! Dette bildet er fra mitt foredrag i Oslo mandag kveld!

Incredible Edible Todmorden meets the Extreme Salad Man 25th May 2015

Incredible Edible Todmorden meets the Extreme Salad Man 25th May 2015
I’m really happy to have been asked to give a talk at Todmorden, a place and people who have inspired so many  people around the world. All are welcome to this unique opportunity to spend a day in Todmorden with me,  with the following program:
9:00 – 10:30 Visit to Incredible Farm (Permaculture inspired)
11:00 – 12:30 Incredible Edible Todmorden (guided tour)
14:00 – 17:00 Around the world in 80 plants (talk)
Information about price (it won’t be expensive) and local accomodation will follow!
For more information, contact Estelle at