Golpared onion bhajis

Gram or chick pea flour with golpar and black onion seed
The batter (add the sliced onions and water to make a thickish batter with a little salt).
Deep fried onion bhajis Persian style!

Indian bhajis are a popular snack or side dish in UK Indian restaurants…deep fried onions in  a batter made of chick pea flour with various spices usually including cumin, coriander, black onion seed or kalonji (Nigella sativa), I replaced the cumin with golpar (ground seed of Heracleum persicum collected from a wild stand in Trondheim)! Delicious!
P.S: Mental note: try with broad bean flour!

Yam daisy aboriginal tuber cultivation

Yam daisy or murnong (Microseris lanceolata) from Australia, harvest outside in Malvik on 12th November 2011. I’ve had lower yields of other crops! Needs a bit of selection, but not an impossible project I think!
This post is inspired by this video about aboriginal Yam daisy agriculture, introduction of livestock by the Europeans largely destroyed this sustainable agriculture… https://www.farmingsecrets.com/growing-yam-daisies-australias-earliest-agriculture

Edibles for Anno

In mid-June 2016, I provided a number of perennial edibles and herbs for the set of the filming of a Norwegian reality series, Anno, set in the year 1537 in the Erkebispegården (Archbishop’s palace and courtyard) next to the Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim (see
http://e6guiden.no/2016/08/01/innspillingen-av-anno-2017-starter-i-trondheim ). Sadly, I don’t think they were used in the end as it wasn’t the best time to move these plants and they would, in any case, not have been at their best during the late summer filming  :(
The program is very popular here and is currently showing on Norwegian TV!

Rice lily

The smallest of the tubers in yesterday’s dinner (see http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=9577) was so-called rice lily or riceroot (Fritillaria camschatensis), small (but many) sweet tasting tubers that often lie right on the surface all winter! One of the hardiest plants found in Western North America from Oregon to Alaska, Northern Japan and the Russian Far East…and quite a common ornamental for its almost black flowers…
See also my blog post Riceroot and Hog Peanuts (http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=480)

113 veggies in the first week of January!

The ingredients list for last night’s extreme green pasta sauce ended at 57 (all collected inside in the living areas or the cellar stores), which together with Sunday’s 56 variety salad (all collected outside before the snow obscured everything) means I’m already over 113 veggies for 2017! Will this be the year my world record salad will be smashed?


Nacreous clouds (mother of pearl) over Trondheim

The last two days of 2016 were basically dull stormy days here in Malvik, but then suddenly the gaps in the clouds were illuminated by amazing rainbow-like high altitude clouds known as nacreous or mother of pearl clouds and as they are best seen when the sun is  just below the horizon (which it is all day long here), the display lasted most of the day until it clouded over! I’ve never seen this phenomenon before…it requires special weather conditions for these 15-25 km high polar stratospheric clouds to form….
A really memorable finale to 2016, better than any fireworks!!

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