3 Basellaceae for Xmas dinner

For Xmas dinner 2007, I made nut roast with roast vegetables including two members of the Basellaceae family (known as the Madeira vine family).  It contains the following genus:  Anredera, Basella, Ullucus and plantlist.org also assigns Tournonia hookeriana (previously Basella) to the same family.

Roast green Ulluco with Madeira vine (at the back) and potatoes and Basella greens!

I also cooked some Basella alba (malabar or ceylon spinach) greens to serve with the dinner.

Is this the only time all 3 main members of the Basellaceae have been served together? ;)


Weekend course at Nesheimstunet

A few pictures from this weekend’s course on perennial vegetables based on my book for Haugaland sopp- og nyttevekstforening (Haugaland useful plant society). I gave two 4 hour talks on Saturday and Sunday, but still had to skip a few plants….
Thanks to Gro Hetland for inviting me!

Autumn leaves

Back home from my visit to south western Norway and this is probably THE autumn of all autumns I will ever experience here…..high pressure weather with clear skies for 3 weeks, record number of sun-hours in any month ever and little wind to blow the leaves off the trees…the autumn colours keep going and going, so here’s an album of leaf pictures, all taken today 25th October 2016…

Stavanger and around

After my weekend course in Haugaland, member of Norwegian Seed Savers, Tone Lise Østboe kindly showed me around gardens in Stavanger and we also visited Rogaland arboretum outside the city and also a producer of bumble bees for the greenhouse industry!
Thanks very much Tone Lise :)

Adresseavisen salad photo shoot…

On 10th June 2014, journalist Hilde Østmoe, with photographer Terje Visnes, interviewed me for regional newspaper Adresseavisen’s Saturday magazine UkeAdressa. It was for a special extended article about urban growing!

I had hoped this post would be ready before Terje Visnes’ exhibition this week in Trondheim, but I just missed the “deadline”. I don’t know if one of these photos were used as I also couldn’t make it to the exhibition at the last minute! I remember being impressed by his work that day!

…and Terje made this wonderful animated picture of the salad ingredients….if you hover with your mouse over the picture the (Norwegian) names will appear: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/536181539210264576

The final article can be downloaded here: http://www.edimentals.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Adressa_Spiselige.pdf

My first ever blog post was also featuring this salad on June 29 2014:  http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?p=43

Below are pictures I took during the photo shoot in my garden!

Arctic ethnobotanical seed wanted

For an Arctic ethnobotanical garden, I’m looking for seed of the following species used for food by native peoples of Alaska!

Angelica lucida
Arabis lyrata ssp kamtchatica
Claytonia acutifolia
Claytonia eschscholtzii
Claytonia ogilviensis
Claytonia sarmentosa
Claytonia scammaniana
Claytonia tuberosa
Plantago macrocarpum
Ranunculus lapponicus
Rumex arcticus
Saxifraga nelsoniana
Saxifraga punctata
Senecio congestus
Taraxacum carneocoloratum