Diversity of Nordic horseradish

A Swedish PhD thesis concludes that there is large variation in the properties of horseradish found in plant collections in the Nordic countries (old naturalised and garden accessions). The diversity is large both in chemical content, form and appearance and DNA. This is somewhat surprising for a vegetatively propagated plant!


English thesis summary


Visit from Kneiken Felleshage






I still can’t get used to the amazing upsurge in interest in grow your own, particular amongst youngsters! This afternoon, members of the newly formed Kneiken Felleshage (Kneiken Communal Garden in Trondheim) visited my garden and we discussed everything from seaweed as fertiliser to Tromso Palm! You guys are so inspiring and I’m honoured to be part of it….look forward to collaborating more in the future!
Unknown to them, they  automatically joined Norwegian Seed Savers (Planteklubben for Grønnsaker) as I gave them a special Jerusalem Artichoke / Jordskokk – North American Stampede, which visually is identical to our earliest variety Dagnøytral (Dayneutral).

Lovage sprouts

In recent years, I’ve been experimenting with seed of perennials for winter greens, here the first time I’ve tried lovage / løpstikke sprouts. I sowed in November in a large pot left outside as they may not germinate without cold treatment. I then moved inside to an unheated room at the beginning of March and now there’s been mass germination and the taste is pretty good too  :)


Svartelistet søtsak (“blacklisted goodies”) article

Norwegian article on sweet cicely  published on the following sites / Norsk artikkel  om spansk kjørvel er publisert på følgende steder:

http://www.edimentals.com/blog/?page_id=737  (all my articles from the magazine Sopp og Nyttevekseter er available here / alle mine artikler fra Sopp og Nyttevekster er samlet her)




Sowing Ground Elder seed

I don’t think many people have sowed ground elder seed before :)  It won’t be easy to shake off the Mad Salad Man tag now ;)
When I saw seed of ground elder /bishop’s weed / skvallerkål (Aegopodium) on offer on a Polish seed trade list a couple of months ago I just couldn’t resist (I have never –  understandably – seen seed offered before….). I thought I would sprout the seed for ground elder shoots….

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