Resonating with asparagus in Oslo…..







Just before the start of my first course for MAJOBO on Tuesday, I decided to change my first picture to something of local relevance! This is Oslo’s oldest asparagus bed, perhaps as old as 100 years as explained in the following article!

Download (PDF, 4.58MB)

In another one of these resonant moments, who should be amongst the 20 participants than the owner of this very garden, Lars Mjøset :) He walked in just after I took this picture!

Hablitzia running rampant

Having breakfast this morning, I noticed this Hablitzia (Caucasian Spinach) flowering shoot peeping in the window at me, as if to say “Look what I’m doing”…
This plant has seeded itself from my original plant seen in the background in the second picture and is busily climbing up and smothering a grape (Vitis coignetiae)!

P1430017 P1430018










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