Return to Austria

I’m returning to Austria in January and giving two talks at two seminars at the 7th Langenlois Woody Plants Seminar on 21st January with focus on woody edibles…/040_langenloiser_gehoelzt…/
and the day after at the 29th Langenlois Herbaceous Perennial seminar…/041_langenloiser_staudent…/
..and I’m happy to say that I won’t be flying. It actually only takes two days from Vienna to Trondheim with one night on the Rostock Sweden ferry and the Oslo – Trondheim night train! I’ll be travelling via a family visit in England!

I’m also talking at the University of Graz on 20th January! See–0c5LU-RSf_qx1tR3OD5NpG2Hr8A2hptDvTbY